Monday, 20 July 2009


I have never been into red lipsticks, but now I'm lemming for one! I don't know why, I just kinda feel like I gotta find my shade.

Clearly I have NO idea which shade of red lipstick will suit my skin tone. Obviously, there are a lot of shades out there. I suppose cool-toned ones won't work for me? I usually just snatch my mom's lipsticks and try them on. None of them looks right. It looks more of like a stain, haha, not to mention my lips look so HUGE in red lipsticks, lol.

I was browsing around trying to find lipstick swatches but my internet connection really sucks, I had to disconnect and reconnect every once in a while, it's really frustating! *Argggh*

Back to the topic,
do you ladies have any suggestions for me? Some articles I found says that if your skin is warm-toned, tomato-red lipsticks would work for you. True?

I know Revlon got a bunch of berry red shades, anyone has tried them before?

I'm soooo curious. I want a firey red, velvety lips. Maybe one day I finally find my HG red lipstick. Who knows!

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  1. Im so lazy.. ive never tried the Revlon ones and everyone is always saying how great they are! Great blog hon!! Keep posting!!